Distillery District

East Toronto

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The Distillery is a pedestrian only area with restored Victorian architecture and red brick walkways. The focus of this neighbourhood is arts, culture and entertainment. There are a number of restaurants, cafes, galleries and boutiques. The Distillery is also a popular place to hold events such as markets, festivals, weddings, business gatherings and the like.


The homes in the distillery consist of contemporary condominium buildings that are clad with all the necessary amenities; swimming pool, hot tub, lounge, fitness facilities and sauna, media room and balconies.


The Distillery District was once The Gooderham and Worts Distillery which had a big role in the growth of the cities economy. It is named after two brothers-in-law William Gooderham and James Worts who produced their own whiskey and managed other facilites in the area, which contributed immensely to Toronto’s growing economy. After World War I and the brothers died, the Distillery got a new owner and continued production not of whiskey, but of rum. This lasted for about 150 years, but in 1990 the Distillery closed and reopened as the number one film location in Canada; second largest location outside of Hollywood. Finally, in 2001, Cityscaped Holdings Inc purchased the Distillery and restored the buildings to create the Distillery as we know it now.