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Today, projects of development are still underway in the West Donlands, as lots of money has been invested in the area to clean it up. This area is going to be the home for athletes of the 2015 Pan American Games. There will also be student housing for George Brown College, and a new YMCA. There will also be community-housing opening up, including spaces for families and for seniors. There is already an underpass open, which is a public space with a playground and basketball courts.



This area was originally a large park in the city of York, which was sold to developers in the 1830’s to construct a hospital. However, these plans never went through, and the area became mainly industrial, some of the land being owned by the railways. However, in the 1970’s with the deindustrialization, the land became abandoned. The City of Toronto wanted to create a new community called Ataratiri, in order to solve the subsidized housing problem in the city. The project was a failure, as the soil in the area was not fit to live on because of the previous industries that were operating there.