Liberty Village

West Toronto

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Liberty Village is home to a number of townhouses and lofts. Hard lofts with floor to ceiling windows and exposed brick are popular in this neighbourhood.


Liberty Village is known for its unique design stores, art galleries, independant coffee shops, fashion stores, fusion restaurants and the like.

In this area, there is a nearby waterfront trail that is frequented by runners, bikers and walkers. There is also Liberty Village Park in the heart of the neighbourhood. This neighbourhood is in close proximity to the Entertainment District, the Air Canada Centre, Rogers Centre, and of course the CN Tower.


The area got its name from the prison that was built on Liberty Street in the 1800’s; “Liberty” because Liberty Street was the first street the prisoners would walk on when they were released.

In the 1700’s and early 1800’s, Liberty Village was part of the Garrison Common, which was a military fort for Toronto (or then, the Town of York). 100 Garrison Road was the base for Canadian military in the Battle of York in 1813. However, when the railway was built in the 1850’s, Liberty Village began to flourish and man warehouses and factories were built. It is these warehouses and factories that have been repurposed into the loft buildings as we know them now.