Guides for Agents

At SAGE we understand all to well how difficult it can be being an agent in Toronto. Provided below are some guides that we have developed to help agents move their business forward in a array of different areas. These reports contain invaluable content that has taken our team years to assimilate and weeks to develop into such concise reports. These are living documents that we are constantly changing and updating so that we can make them better, and we would appreciate your feedback.

Real Estate Team Building 101

Many real estate gurus suggest that real estate teams are the future of real estate. Why? Because once you hit a certain level of achievement, your ability to produce more is capped. You can only do so much alone. Download our complete guide below.

Managing Multiple Offers

Whenever the real estate situation is set up so that there are more Buyers than houses, bidding wars ensue. For Realtors inexperienced with the multiple offer process, this can be problematic. Download our complete guide below.

Time Management

You may be thinking that traditional time management is difficult for those in the real estate business. How can you possibly manage your time when your day is so reactionary? Is it possible to use time management techniques when your day is spent putting out client fires? Today, you’ll learn how you can make your 480 minutes more productive. You might be thinking…Download our complete guide below.