How Real Estate Agents Work For Their Clients

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With a wealth of online resources, an increasing ‘for sale by owner’ market, and countless real estate online guides, it’s not surprising that some home buyers consider adopting   a ‘do it yourself’ approach as their option of choice when deciding to purchase real estate.

For most people a real estate professional is an indispensable partner in the home-buying process. While buyers today are more educated about real estate than ever before, all the research in the world can’t match an experienced agent’s understanding of today’s market. Without the pavement-pounding and advance scouting an agent does on behalf of their clients, prospective buyers might overpay for a home or lose out on the home of their dreams simply because they do not find out about it because they do not have the same type of resources that an agent does. An agent is also completely objective and professional when discussing their opinion of the property being considered for purchase unlike a parent, spouse, partner or best friend.

The buyer’s agent is typically compensated through the seller, which means buyers have nothing to lose and everything to gain by tapping the expertise of an agent. From the moment you select a Sage Real Estate agent until the day you move in, our team will be working for you.

Anyone can purchase a house; however, at Sage Real Estate we pride ourselves on finding you a home. The right home not only fulfills your current needs, it continues to be right for you as time progresses. Buying the right home has long term personal and investment benefits whereas the costs of buying the wrong home can be immeasurable.

The role an agent plays for Buyers is not as simple as sifting through MLS properties online, showing them and then selling. Finding the perfect home is really about listening: having a client’s individual needs and wants understood, their priorities and concerns addressed, and their tastes and lifestyles considered. Sage agents are trained and particularly adept at accomplishing these goals for their clients.

Sage agents understand how clients benefit from agent networking: drawing on previously established relationships and resources and exchanging information and support. It’s about overall professionalism: maintaining honesty and integrity, dedication, respect, and commitment. It’s also about plain hard work, and the employment of energy, hustle, passion, and drive.


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