The Buying Process Step 7 : Finding Your Home

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Creating a Wish List

Almost every home purchase involves some degree of compromise which is why you must prioritize your needs and wants before beginning your search. When deciding to purchase a home, think about the following:

  • Three features a home absolutely must have in order for it to be in the running.
  • Additional features that are essential for you.
  • What else would really make you happy?

Looking for Properties

You are ready to begin your home search once you have obtained a mortgage pre-approval, decided on a real estate agent, selected your buyer representation, and completed your wish list. Collab is the only search tool you will need. In our next post we will go into more details about it.

The Buyer’s Responsibilities

Share your wish list and your price range comfort zone with your salesperson. That information will assist them with researching the market for properties that seem to fulfill your requirements.

Get Educated In the Market

Ask questions such as: What are current market conditions? What is happening in the market in your particular price range? What are the price trends in the locations that interest you? Check the details on properties that have recently sold.

Look at Everything

The first series of showings should give you an overall understanding of what is available in the marketplace. There is no home listed on the market by any realtor that cannot be viewed through your Sage Real Estate sales representative.

Now Is the Time to Explore Alternatives

Keep an open mind. As you inspect various possibilities within your price range, you will be more comfortable narrowing your search to specific parameters and you will be able to assess various alternative housing styles, configurations, and conditions.

Tell Your Salesperson Your True Feelings About the Houses You’re Seeing

Honest feedback efficiently steers your salesperson towards your goal. It is important to discuss your impressions and reactions to properties confidentially with your sales person in a frank and direct manner.

Keep a record of each house you see. This is an essential part of your market education process and will assist in evaluating the home you ultimately decide to buy.

Should You Go Into Other Agents’ Open Houses?

You may attend open houses if you identify yourself to the salesperson holding the open house and tell them that you have a buyer’s agency contract with another salesperson. Hand them one of your Sage Real Estate Sales Representative’s business cards. This will allow the Real Estate sales representative hosting the Open House to concentrate on other prospective buyers. It is inappropriate for another salesperson to pry into the confidential details of your home search.

Outside of Open Houses, Should I See Homes with Any Other Salesperson?

No. Once you have signed a buyer’s agency contract with Sage Real Estate it becomes your salesperson’s responsibility to show you homes. It is unethical for other salespeople to show buyers homes if they know the buyer is under contract to another brokerage.

Inform Your Salesperson of Changing Search Parameters

Keep your Sage Real Estate Sales Representative advised of any changes to your requirements along the way. Decide to spend more money? Decide to spend less? Decide to consider other locations? Decide to only consider one location? Tell your salesperson so your revised parameters can be responded to immediately.

How to Use the Internet to Your Best Advantage

The Internet provides a comprehensive database of current listings and almost every listed property works its way onto several websites. Write down listing identification number(s) of listings which appear interesting and record the site domain name. E-mail, fax, or telephone this information to your salesperson so they can investigate and identify.

When You Find “The Right House”

Our goal is to educate you so that you will feel comfortable directing your Sage Real Estate Sales Representative to proceed with the purchase of the right property when you see it. Timing is critical when purchasing a home and there are several strategies that you can use in order to be successful with any offers that you make.


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