The Buying Process Step 2 : Selecting Your Real Estate Agent

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Choosing a Sage Real Estate Agent

Choosing the right advisor to guide you through a transaction is important because their counsel and direction illuminate the pathway to home ownership. Home buyers should give just as much consideration to hiring a buyer’s representative as sellers give to hiring a listing agent.

That means conducting interviews, seeking referrals, and researching the brokerage as well as the salesperson.

It is important to ask potential agents a number of questions relating to their experience, comfort levels, and routines. It is also important to listen for the questions they ask you to see if they are intent on understanding your needs and if they are committed to fulfilling your wants.

Experience in your preferred neighbourhood and the style of home you want is also important. The comfort level that is established between you and your agent is equally important because buying a home is a highly personal experience. Ultimately, you only work with one agent so it should be someone you like and respect and who feels the same way about you. You must have complete trust in your salesperson of choice. If you feel agent trustworthiness is not there, keep on looking.


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