St. Lawrence Market

Central Toronto

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St Lawrence is a very unique neighbourhood. The St Lawrence market has all kinds of food vendors, from pastries, to deli meats and cheeses, to seafood, to prepared meals such as gourmet sandwiches. This market is a Toronto landmark, and attracts live performers and people from all over the world (National Geographic dubbed it “an experience not to be missed.”) The Esplanade has retail stores, services and every day needs for all St Lawrence residents. There is a wide selection of restaurants and bars, which attracts people from all over the city.


For recreational needs, St Lawrence is home to the David Crombie Park, which has gardens, a waterfall, a handball court and a basketball court. There is also the St Lawrence Community Recreation Centre, which has a number of public sports facilities such as a gym, a pool, squash courts, and a games room.


St Lawrence is built on the original shoreline of Lake Ontario. The sit was created a landfill in the 1800’s, which was originally supposed to be a public promenade with an esplanade along the waterfront. Yet the city gave the land to the railways, therefore creating industry in the area. It became one of Toronto’s biggest industrial centres by the early 1900’s. However, around the 1940’s, Toronto’s industrial base began to move out of the city, creating hard times for St Lawrence. In 1970, the politicians of Toronto decided to make something out of the area, and so we have our present-day St Lawrence neighbourhood.