Top 30 Apps and Mobile Tools For Real Estate – Part 2 of 4

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Here are 8 more apps and mobile tools that real estate agents should be using:

–          FourSquare (Free). Want to have more fun with your social media friends? Then start Checking In! FourSquare is a great way to keep track of where your sphere spends their time, leave tips on favourite foods or the best waiters. I challenge you to become the Mayor of Sage Real Estate! The Mayor of the office gets free coffee.

–          Tweetdeck or Hootsuite (Free). Now that you are Tweeting, Updating, Posting, Checking In and Connecting wouldn’t it be great to just go to one spot and do it all? With these two apps you can. Open your app and see all of the updates from your array of connections.

–          Swype (Free). Only on Android* right now, but Android has said that the App will be rolled out for other touchscreen phones at some point. This is a sore spot for some iFans because it isn’t supporting the iPhone, and users claim that it is far superior to typing on an iPhone. I have only seen the Youtube videos, but it looks incredible. Swype is a typing app that allows you to type without having to lift your thumb off of the screen. This is for all of us who love the typing function of the BlackBerry and hate the touchscreen typing that currently exists. Apparently you can type much faster than on any tactile or touchscreen keyboard.

–          Mobile World Card ($5.99). Why should you give it away for free if people are willing to pay for it? This app uses what I call “jaw-dropping technology”. It uses the camera on your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 to scan business cards, recognizes the separate elements and then sorts them digitally to add to your database – and does all of this within a few quick seconds.

–          Genius Scan (Free). On the topic of scanning, this app will turn your mobile phone into a PDF scanner. This is incredible when you need to scan a document on the go, copy your receipts for tax season or any time that you need a photocopier and there isn’t one in sight. All you need is good lighting to make this work well.

–          Gist (Free). Same idea as Tweetdeck and Hootsuite, but now you can rank the connections by level of importance. Now you will read only the messages from those that you want to see and engage.

–          Walkaround Jack (Free).For iPhone, iPad and Android. Jack is the little orange guy in your existing Maps app. You can drop him like a pin and he uses Google Street View to show you a neighbourhood from street level. If you click the top and side button he will snap and save a .jpg of the house.

–          Starbucks (Free). May seem insane, but I can get a little panicked when I don’t know where the nearest Starbucks is to me. Thank goodness I can just open this app and get directions to it. I can also get all kinds of nutritional information about every drink along with product suggestions and promotions.


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