16 Digital Tools Tips and Tricks from NAR – Part 4 of 4

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Here are the last 5 digital tools, tips, and tricks that i picked up from REBarCampNO and NAR:

12) Constant Contact – Email marketing web based software that makes it easy to create professional HTML email campaigns with little to no tech skills. If you are sick and tired of sending out emails to your database using Outlook, Constant Contact is an easy to use system that makes it easy to stay in regular touch with your sphere. You can set up automatic drip campaigns, see who opens and clicks through on your emails, and even create registration forms so people can sign up for your email newsletter and their info will automatically be inputted into the system.

13) XobniIs a free Outlook plugin that helps you search and organize your inbox. It also allows you to integrate your social networks into your Outlook so when you receive an email you can quickly and easily see which social networks these people are using.

14) LogMeIn, NTRconnect – Now these are really cool. These two services allow you to access and control your computers from anywhere. One of the best applications is using this in combination with your iPad. So you can get access to all the files and programs on your home or office computer from your iPad no matter where you are. For LogMeIn to work you have to leave your computer on but NTRconnect allows you to even turn on your computer remotely so that you can access it.

15) Facebook Optimization – Not all updates show up in your newsfeed. This is an important fact to understand if you want to leverage Facebook to influence your sphere and grow your business. If you do not optimize your Facebook personal profile and business page it does not matter how great the content is that you are posting on your wall because Facebook may not include it in your networks newsfeed. And showing up in your networks newsfeed is where all the value is.

One of the single greatest factors in optimizing for Facebook is putting content out there that others find engaging enough to ‘like’, share, or comment on. The more your posts get engaged with the more relevant Facebook deems you and the more often they will have you show up in your networks newsfeed. So don’t just put content out there for the sake of putting it out there if it is not of high enough quality to get engagement because that can and will hurt your Facebook optimization. Also don’t be afraid to ask people in your network on or offline to engage with your content. If there is a particular piece of content you posted that you know a specific client would find interesting pick up the phone or send them an email and ask them to comment on it.

16) The Facebook ‘like’ button – You can now put the Facebook ‘like’ button on your website, blog, and individual blog posts. Get in touch with your developer and get this in as many places as possible. If someone finds your content engaging you want them to be able to like it not matter where it is because it can then get distributed out to their Facebook sphere.


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