Success Stories

Listing Marketing Success Stories

Magda Mo recently double-ended her $1,200,000 + Summerhill home (and sold the back-up)due in part to the website we built for the property. Her clients were also so happy with the marketing we did for the listing that they forwarded it to their entire email database.  Read the full case story here.

Carol Marquis recently double-ended one of her listings (and has now listed the back-up) because the buyer fell in love with the home on the listing’s individual listing website. Read the full case story here.

Sage’s marketing campaign for listings works.  Hear it right from a client’s mouth:

Sage Testimonials

“Since joining Sage our business has grown over 50%.  They have helped us obtain 2 listings in just 3 months we never would have had a chance at before.  Sage has helped us become more organized, increased our productivity and has given us more time to show and sell real estate.” The Cain Brothers


“It wasn’t until I became part of the office that I realized how much Sage does to help its agents. Sage has absolutely helped me become more productive.” Dimitrios Tsotos


“My high-end Rosedale clients are more interested in what I and Sage Real Estate can do for them, than they are in how long the name has been around.  And boy, are they impressed!” Eleanor Bohm


“This is one of the reason I love being at Sage.  The interest you show and the time you take to make sure we are a community…I really appreciate it.” Barbara Samson


“I have never seen any brokerage that even comes close to providing the calibre of marketing expertise that Sage provides.  My clients love it.” Magda Mo

“My sellers love what you did. They have never seen it before.  I love what you did. It is so nice to be out front!  I am so happy with Sage.” Zaga Dunat


“… this is fantastic, could not be more pleased, want to get another listing quick to impress another seller as these ARE! Thank you so much for all your time and work!” Marg Damon


“…our marketing department is incredible. My sellers love what they did! I am so happy I am with Sage!!!!” Zaga Dunat


“I’ve been on both sides in this business… a salesperson and in management for a national firm traded on the TSX.

It was rare that in any of our manager meetings that we ever talked about what we could do to make our agents more productive…the focus was cutting expenses and increasing profits for the company.

At Sage Real Estate our broker is investing in its people…and not just money!…time and thought on a daily basis.

As you look around you’ll see…there isn’t a broker out there that provides its agents with such a broad array of real estate tools to be successful.” Ted Ruse