Bradley Sage

Vice President Operations


Brad Sage’s passion for Toronto Real Estate stretches back to his childhood as he grew up surrounded by the Toronto Real Estate industry. With a Broker/Owner as a Father and an Agent for a Brother it seems that Toronto real estate is in the Sage blood. Most kids babysit to earn spending money: Brad delivered Agent’s door hangers. Brad is a Digital Marketer by trade having spent five plus years working on digital campaigns for a variety of different industries. The internet is changing the way homes are bought and sold in Toronto. Brad has created and executed industry leading digital marketing campaigns for both agents’ personal branding and their listings. He is committed to helping salespeople develop a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing and social media so that they themselves can better meet the changing wants and needs of their clients. But that only scratches the surface of Brad’s function at Sage Real Estate. Brad is also a productivity junkie and he is responsible for developing and implementing the infrastructure and systems that run Sage Real Estate and help to make Sage Agents more productive. If there is a faster, better, more efficient way to do something Brad will find it.

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