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Neighbourhood Vibe.

There is a very unique feel to this neighbourhood. Queen Street is a mix of antique shops, fashion stores, art galleries, bookstores, specialty food shops, and chique restaurants and cafes. King Street has a similar feel with plenty of high-end restaurants.


Niagara is home to a few beautiful parks where residents can picnic or go for a stroll. It even has a small community centre in Stanley Park, which has community meetings and programs. The park also has a soccer field, a pool, a playground, tennis courts and baseball diamonds.

Fort York on Garrison Road, where the Battle of York in the War of 1812 took place, is now a museum where people reenact historical activities. It is also full of exhibits and displays.


Niagara’s history dates back to 1793 when the area was part of a military garrison for the Town of York. You are actually able to visit Old Fort York, which sits on Garrison Road between Bathurst and Strachan. All of the street names in Niagara are in reference to the area’s military involvement. For example, Tecumseh Street is named after the warrior chief who fought for Canada in 1812.

In the 1850’s, Niagara’s industrial development was booming. It had factories and mills, which offered plenty of jobs for the people of the area. Jobs in turn created residential development, and so became the area as we know it now.