Lawrence Park

Central Toronto

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Since Lawrence Park was built over a number of years, the architectural styles vary. You can find Georgian, Colonial, English Cottage and Tudor Revival. However, many of these homes have a modern influence to them, creating unique appearances.


The Yonge-Lawrence village is considered to be in the heart of uptown Toronto. It has a community feel, with family-friendly shops, such as sophisticated cafes to toy stores and family-friendly events such as fun fairs. There is also a wide selection of restaurants, from Italian to American to Indian.

This area has a few recreational facilities such as the Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens, the Lawrence Park Ravine, Blythwood Ravine and Sherwood Park. There are tennis courts, a bowling club, playgrounds, and lots of places for runners, bikers or walkers. There is also a public library that holds programs for adults and children alike.


This neighbourhood is named after a man called John Lawrence, who was the dominant landowner in this area until 1907. In this year, the Dovercourt Land Company took possession of a large part of the area. The president of the Dovercourt Land Company, Wilfred Dinnick, turned Lawrence Park into an area for the well-off. However, the neighbourhood was never fully developed until the 1950’s because of war, recession and depression.