Hogg’s Hollow

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The homes in this neighbourhood each have unique architecture due to the fact that they were built and renovated on over many years. Georgian, Tudor, Colonial and Modernist styles of architecture can be found all over the neighbourhood. There are a number of condominium buildings in Hoggs Hollow as well.


The most popular area for shopping in this neighbourhood is the York Mills Centre, just steps away at Yonge and York Mills. One can find most anything they need in this shopping centre. Another place for shoppers to go in this neighbourhood is on Yonge Street, going south. One can find pharmaceuticals, services, restaurants and clothing stores as well. Hoggs Hollow is also home to a big Loblaws Super Store.

This area is home to the oldest golf course in the city- Don Valley. It has the hardest course, attracting the best golfers from all over the city. There is also the York Mills Valley Park, which is home to the Valley Tennis Club.


This neighbourhood is named after a Scottish man, James Hogg, who settled in the area in 1824. He became one of the most successful millers in the area. He owned and ran a whisky distillery and a gristmill. James’ sons subdivided his estate under the name “Hogg’s Hollow.” At first, only a small number of houses were built but soon after there was space for over a hundred lots. There are four original houses still standing in this neighbourhood, two of which were cottages that belonged to some of the mill workers. Now, they serve as taverns and restaurant entrances. All four houses are historic landmarks in Hogg’s Hollow.