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Lots is happening in Davisville village these days. It is a very popular location for couples and young families. Many of the houses were constructed as two-storey 3 bedroom detached or semi-detached. Most have been renovated to suit the needs of modern North Toronto families. Throughout Davisville Village is a safe, friendly vibe. The schools are terrific and the ratepayers are very involved in every aspect of related concerns.

To give you an idea of the feel of the place I will recount a story. There are two totally charming old movie theatres on the east side of Mount Pleasant Ave, south of Eglinton. One is called The Regent, the other the Mount Pleasant. Frankly, they are both in a bit of a state of disrepair but are still a terrific place to see a fairly recent movie that is no longer under its first run. If you live in the area you are very likely to meet a neighbour, friend or acquaintance there. This one night we went to see a movie last fall, frankly I can’t remember at which of the two theatres it was, and there was a pretty good downpour happening. The elderly proprietor of the movie theatre commented to my wife and me that since it was raining so hard he was going to delay the start of the movie several minutes to allow everyone to find a parking spot and get into the movie house!! Ever see that happen at your local Cineplex?


More recently we decided to look for a place to eat in that area. We walked on Mt. Pleasant from Soudan down to Millwood and I think we counted nine independent, local restaurants within that few blocks. Everything you need to lead a very happy life is nearby: banking; medical buildings; antique shops; children’s clothing, toy and educational stores; home decorating; subway; parks resplendent with preschoolers; local pubs; and on we go.

Also, Yonge and Eglinton is not called ‘Young and Eligible’ for nothing! There are large apartment buildings along Davisville and Balliol and many a young person find life there just the ticket.


The village of Davisville was named after Englishman John Davis who immigrated there in 1840 and founded Davis Pottery, the village’s largest employer. In 1860 the area was subdivided but residential construction really didn’t start until 1911 with most of the homes being built between 1920 and the 1930’s.
The building that currently houses the Starbucks at the north-east corner of Davisville and Yonge is the original Davisville Post Office building.