Twelve Things You Should Expect From Your Realtor

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  1. Whether good news or bad, a Realtor is legally bound to tell you the truth.
  2. Whatever is happening out there should be conveyed to the Seller. Anything your Realtor knows pertaining to the sale of your house, you should know. You should be kept informed.
  3. A seller should expect that the Realtor provide an understanding and interpretation of the marketplace as it relates to the pricing of the home.
  4. It is reasonable for Sellers to expect execution of a clear-cut, creative marketing plan with specific tactics pertaining to the sale of their home. Realtors are to be held accountable for exactly what they have done in this regard. It is their job to get local, national, and international exposure for your home.
  5. Cutting edge technology and social media. These tactics attract buyers and your Realtor should identify how they will be utilized in the sale of your home.
  6. Beyond MLS. A Realtor should reach out to specific Realtors and brokerages that sell in the area of your home. Personal contacts count greatly.
  7. Methods of communication and frequency of contact. Realtors should accommodate Seller’s preferred method of being contacted, be it in person, by phone, text or e-mail and should expect their Realtor to provide them with regular progress updates and reports at agreed upon times.
  8. A seller should reasonably expect their Realtor to provide honest reports of what prospective buyers thought about their house.
  9. Sellers should expect that their Realtor work continuously and conscientiously towards the goal of selling the property.
  10. Overall professionalism. Sellers should expect a high standard of professionalism from their Realtor.
  11. Negotiation competence and expertise. A Realtor should know what to do to get an offer from a buyer or a buyer’s Realtor and should know exactly how to handle the situation when an offer is being considered.
  12. If the property is not selling it is reasonable for sellers to hold the Realtor accountable for why it hasn’t. Sellers are not required to follow a Realtor’s recommendations but the Realtor should convey to them explanations as to why a property may not be selling and offer concrete suggestions for the Sellers consideration.


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