Top 30 Apps and Mobile Tools For Real Estate – Part 4 of 4

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Here are 8 iPad apps that particularly excel with the larger screen and multi touch scrolling:

– Keynote ($9.99). At ten times the price, this app would still be a bargain. This is the best presentation software you can have. Everything is moveable at the swipe of a finger and can be emailed directly from the app as a PDF Keynote file or a Powerpoint presentation. 76% of agents do all of their presentations on paper. It might be worth being in that other 24%.

– DropBox (Free – 2GB). Dropbox is amazing because it allows you to create a common folder that is shared between your devices. You don’t need to email large files to yourself to share them between your CPU and iPad, you just need to drag and drop the files into the folder and poof! They hit the cloud and then appear on your other device.

– Wikihood (Free). This app uses geo-location technology to recognise where you are in the world, then references Wikipedia and focuses on bringing you the most relevant information based on where you are standing. Pretty neat stuff when you show a client a neighbourhood you might now know as well as you should.

– iBooks (Free). This is Apple’s bookstore and e-reader. It operates much like iTunes and the App Store. It offers thousands of book titles, can download an entire novel within 60 seconds and offers the titles at a fraction of the paperback costs.

– DocsToGo (Free). This is a great way to share your Microsoft Office files with your iPad. Make changes, share and email all in the widely used format on your Apple device.

– Notes (Free). The perfect spot to jot down your notes when you are chatting with a client or listening to a presentation. The iPad has an incredible size touchscreen keyboard, you can type on it without feeling like your hands are too cramped.

– Globe and Mail (Free). Great multi-touch function that allows you to scroll through all of the different sections of the newspaper without getting any ink on your fingers – plus, you don’t need to wait until the next morning to get your news. (You can also add the app for many of the world’s other great daily news periodicals and magazines; some charge for access, some have restricted articles for free and some are completely open.)

– ABC News (Free). This is a really cool app which combines print, video and audio news from many sources and offers it in a very unique fashion that is fun to spin through. Not a great description, but it’s certainly worth checking out.


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