Top 30 Apps and Mobile Tools For Real Estate – Part 3 of 4

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Here are 13 more apps worth checking out:

Skype (Free). Just like your favourite Internet-based telephone service, only on your smartphone.

Pulse (Free).This is one of the best resources to organise, search and digest news media and blogs. It is a great place to feed your RSS feeds.

Epicurious (Free). This app is for all the cooks on the run. It has thousands of recipes to search and help plan a meal. If you know that you have, for example, a bunch of chicken at home, you can use this app to search Chicken/Dinner/Thai Recipes and figure out what other ingredients you would need to make a dynamite green curry chicken dinner.

Flixster (Free). Figuring out which movie to see has never been easier. Check out local listings and show times, read peer and professional reviews and watch the trailers all from this one app.

Trapster (Free). This is an app for those with lead feet, or who still see happy hour as the best time of day. This is a community run app which shows locations of common and active speed traps, construction snarls, red light cameras and RIDE programs. It also uses your GPS locator to warn you when you are approaching these spots. A Wikipedia for staying out of trouble.

ReelDirector ($3.99). This is a great app if you are into filming and editing short videos. You can shoot, edit and post directly from the app. Remember to keep your videos under 3 minutes in length and while people will accept some shaky camera work, they will turn it off if it is poor sound quality.

LocalLinks (Free). For all of the golfers out there who like searching, reading reviews and booking tee times to play new courses that are nearby. This app uses your GPS and will tell you
what courses are nearby, show peer reviews and give you a direct link to the phone number of the proshop.

Layar (Free). This is more of a work in progress right now, but will have a very big future in the real estate game. The term is “Augmented Reality”. This app will overlay data on your camera screen by reading what it sees and using the GPS to figure out where you are. Think of it as opening an app and getting the feature sheet on the screen as you look at the house.

Bump (Free). This is a fun way to share your contact data. You load the app, “Bump” your smartphone with another smartphone, and like magic you exchange contact information.

Line2 (Free). This is a great way to set up a second line on your mobile device. It operates on the Internet connection and doesn’t cost anything.

Google Mobile (Free). Not that driving and Googling is suggested – right, Oprah? – but if you need to do a quick search for other reasons, Google Mobile is amazing. You can click the voice function and say what it is you want to search for, or you can use the camera function and take a picture of whatever you want to research further. The photo function is particularly strong for translating languages, barcodes, artwork and landmarks.

Slydial (Free). This one isn’t for everybody and the more people I tell about it, the less use it has for me…but this is a great app when you need to call someone and leave a message. It uses the “back end” of the voicemail system and allows you to leave a voice message without the phone ever ringing.

Mashable (Free). Here is one of my favourite resources for articles, stats and information about digital marketing, social media, apps and websites that we can use in this business.


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