Timing Of Reaching Out To A Realtor

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Good Realtors want to establish solid, long-term relationships with their clients. Contacting a Realtor does not have to be restricted to the time just before an imminent purchase or sale. Good Realtors will not mind being contacted well in advance of any pending transaction just to provide their counsel and advice.

Common approaches might be to reach out to your Realtor as renovations are being contemplated. Realtors can suggest property improvements that might realize the greatest amount of return when the property does get sold. They also know which improvements will result in little or no return at and should therefore be made for personal enjoyment only with no expectation of financial return.

Realtors know which paint colours are coming into style and which ones to avoid painting if you are foreseeing selling the house before having to paint again.

Of course the obvious, Realtors should be contacted if you intend on making a move in the near future. Mull it over with them to establish the best strategic plan in order to attain your goals.

Speak to your realtor before you look to buy. Some condominium projects are going to be particularly desirable and a good Realtor will consult with you about them well before you even start looking. Their insight is available for the asking.

If your family structure might be changing and adjustments must be made in the way your home gets used, reach out to your Realtor before walls get removed or in-law suites get constructed.

Realtors can provide plans for long term scheduling as well so you can benefit from the most advantageous market timing.

Reach out to your Realtor when you want to know the selling price of a particular house or the asking price of a new listing around the corner.

Reach out to your Realtor too if you would like an equity update on your own home. What is its value in today’s market? Good Realtors would be more than willing to provide all this information without obligation even if you have no intent to sell right now.

Your Realtor will be pleased to consult and advise whenever you have the need.

Sometimes you can reach out to your Realtor just to chat too.


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