Realtors: What Is Your Added Value? (& How to Communicate This to Clients)

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Most real estate agents (especially those who are newer) have a vague idea about what their added value as a realtor is. Being able to clearly identify this and articulate it is key before you can communicate this to your potential clients, and being able to communicate this is essential to being able to sell your services.

Part of identifying your added value as a realtor begins with figuring out what makes you stand out and what you specialize in.

Realtors: What Is Your Added Value?

Begin by asking yourself these questions, and don’t be afraid to get specific:

  • How are you truly different from other real estate agents? How do you stand out from the crowd?
  • Why would someone choose to work with you over someone else?
  • What do your past clients value most about you as a real estate agent? (Not sure? Ask them!)
  • What unique services do you offer? Do you have a unique or specialized skill set?
  • What type of real estate do you specialize in? (If you specialize in residential, be more specific—condos? Townhomes? Tiny homes? Etc.)
  • What neighbourhoods do you specialize in?

If you find yourself answering these questions with things like “I’m always professional” or “I’m a great listener,” try to dig deeper. Many other agents also share these characteristics. If you’re not sure, ask your peers, friends, or past clients what they think!

Once you narrow in on what exactly your added value is, you’ll want to be able to condense it into an “elevator speech.” If you only had a few moments with someone in an elevator to communicate what you do, what would you say? How would you quickly introduce yourself to someone at a networking event?

How to Communicate Your Added Value to Clients

You can tell people how knowledgeable or experienced you are all day long, but until you actually show them, they’re unlikely to truly put their trust in you.

Here are a few ways to demonstrate your added value to clients:

  • Share stats that prove your success. Do your homes always sell for at least a certain percentage above asking price? Do 95% of your clients win with their first offer? Provide numbers that back up your claims.
  • Share content that shows who you are. A lot of times, this means a series of blog posts or getting on camera and filming a short video (this doesn’t have to be super produced or complicated—what’s important is that it helps people get to know you!). If one of your items of added value is that you’ve lived in the neighborhood you work in for your entire life, then show it. Create a blog that’s filled with insider recommendations. Create videos where you interview local business owners who can speak about the neighbourhood.
  • Share testimonials from clients. Share stories about clients (with their permission of course!) that talk about the process of buying in your neighbourhood with you as their agent. Even better, get them on camera talking about their experience!


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