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Sage real estate is a new kind of Toronto Real Estate Brokerage that has taken form over the last year and a half as Larry, Evan, and I met each Saturday in Evan’s loft to plan and craft Sage Real Estate and our offering. It was during these meetings that we discussed and planned all of the elements that make Sage Real Estate so unique.

This launch video came about as a result of us wanting to give agents and the general public insight into what we are all about. We thought a video that took place in that space where Sage Real Estate took form was very fitting. We want you to feel like a fly on the wall during one of those meetings.

Sage Real Estate is doing things a little bit differently in the Toronto real estate industry. We recognize and accept the client led change in our industry and are positioned to take advantage of the opportunities and help our agents do the same. We believe that to deliver the most value to the end client the brokerage must collaborate with their agents. And they need to be open and transparent while doing that.

Clients are questioning the value agents bring to the table for the commissions they get paid. By being open and transparent about what we do, how we do it, and why we do it we have no doubt that clients will recognize that when they deal with a Sage Agent they are getting great value for their commission dollars.

It is our goal in using this blog to not tell you but show you why we are different and that there is tremendous value in our differences.


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