Should I Hire a Toronto Realtor?

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Choosing the right advisor to guide you through the home selling process is important. A Realtor’s counsel, direction and overall expertise can minimize your stress while maximize the home’s selling price.

Many home sellers believe that to sell their home in today’s market all they need to do is put up a sign and have the listing uploaded onto the MLS system. While this may do the job of selling the property the only way to ensure you have received the very highest price for your home is to use a Realtor who can implement a comprehensive marketing plan and leverage all their connections in the marketplace.

A good Realtor knows how to best position a home in the marketplace to gain maximum exposure. Selling a home is an extremely emotional process. Having a professional Realtor to handle the negotiations will ensure that the deal comes together for the best possible price.

In addition to their marketing efforts and negotiation savviness, a good Realtor:

  1. Makes staging recommendations to best present a home to the marketplace.
  2. Provides informed guidance to help set the right price.
  3. Knows the community and keeps the seller up-to-date on what is happening in their local market.
  4. Knows what needs to be done to put the deal together.
  5. Is a master networker. Having a good reputation and strong relationships with other Realtors can make all the difference in reaching the right buyer.
  6. Invests the time to hold open houses for Realtors and for the public as well (if desired).
  7. Provides timely feedback to the seller.
  8. Vets and pre-qualifies potential buyers.
  9. Drafts and negotiates airtight contracts.
  10. Presents, reviews and evaluates all offers.
  11. Understands the legalities of selling houses.
  12. Will handle the copious amounts of paperwork.
  13. Acts as a liaison between buyers and sellers, even after all paperwork has been signed because a transaction isn’t complete until the property actually closes.
  14. Adheres to a strict Code of Ethics.
  15. Cares more about their client and their relationship with their client than just getting a deal done.
  16. Realtors in Ontario are required to carry consumer protection insurance covering the deposits on all transactions (up to $100,000.00).

Sellers handling the sale of their home by themselves may actually find the process costlier in the long run. Selling a home is a major undertaking and the Realtor’s negotiation expertise alone can save the seller more than the commission cost when it comes to settling on the final sale price. Effective negotiations require finely honed skills, experience, knowledge and finesse. A good Realtor is up to the job.

The trick is finding the right Realtor.


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