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To get top market value for your home your house needs to look its best and your Realtor needs to invest the time, money, and energy to market the property so that it gets local, national, and international exposure.

Your Realtor should have a comprehensive marketing strategy customized to your specific property that outlines in detail how they get exposure for your home. The goal of the marketing campaign should be singular in nature: maximize the home’s exposure to get the greatest number of buyers interested in it so that it will sell for top market value. Today’s buyers like to do intensive market research themselves and they are looking for homes in different ways. It is important to use a Realtor whose marketing plan will appeal to different types of buyers and accommodate their individual market research techniques. You want to make sure that the Realtor’s top priority is marketing your home not trying to leverage your home to get more clients.

How do buyers find out about a house?

Below indicates where actual buyers found their house. *


This shows the importance of a strong and effective online advertising campaign. While other avenues must also be considered it is clear where the thrust of the marketing should be.

Robust marketing campaigns should include:

  • Professional photography
  • An individual website built for the home
  • A for sale sign with the URL of your home’s website on it
  • A list of the sites to which the listing will be syndicated. This list should consist of local, national, and international sites
  • Professionally designed feature sheets
  • E-mail blast to local Realtors
  • Just listed post cards
  • Interactive 3D tour
  • Video tour that is posted on YouTube
  • Google/Facebook Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Open houses

(*) National Association of Realtors, 2015 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers


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