Activity Based Marketing at Sage Real Estate

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Activity Based Marketing is a concept that I picked up from Garron Selliken at M Realty, a new generation Portland brokerage that is doing extremely well for themselves. Activity Based Marketing is a powerful marketing approach where the content of the ‘campaign’ is what you are doing on a daily basis. You engage your target market by providing valuable insights into what you do, how you do it, and why you do it.

This, for me, is one of those ‘a ha’ concepts where it ties together a couple of different disjointed concepts and marketing beliefs of mine in one tidy package. This approach allows you to engage your target market by providing value (knowledge, information ect.) while demonstrating your expertise and building your credibility. Its brilliant marketing for any service provider. I like it especially for real estate because of just how transparent it makes everything you do, which is something that the industry has historically had a bad reputation for and the marketplace has been demanding.

Sage Real Estate will be applying this concept frequently through this blog and our different social networking tools. Many of the marketing campaigns and business concepts that we will talk about on this blog can be directly applied by any agent in this business.

By talking about what we do, how we do it, and why we do it we are able to provide agents and the general public with incredible insights into our business. This demonstrates the increased value agents and clients get from dealing with Sage Real Estate. Anyone can pay lip service to what they will do for you once they get your business here we will show you what we do and explain how we did it and why we do it. By putting it all on the table you can then decide whether we are worth working with.

We are extremely proud of the campaigns, processes, and infrastructure that we have built at Sage and believe by sharing it openly we will be able to demonstrate that we are an innovative brokerage that is leading the industry in Toronto.

In the next blog post i will be walking through with you some of what we are doing in our launch campaign.


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