10 Best Places to Brunch on Bloor Street

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Toronto is a brunch-obsessed, hungry city who crave their weekend scramble and coffee. Whether it’s homemade granola from Fanny Chadwick’s, french toast and potato salad from Aunties and Uncles or Belgian waffles from School in Liberty Village, Torontonians will line-up for hours to participate in the city’s brunching tradition. While there are too many restaurants to choose from, we’ve narrowed the options down to one very long city street. Here are 10 of the best places to brunch along Bloor Street right now.

Whippoorwill Restaurant and Tavern, (1285 Bloor St W)
The name is a bit of a mouthful and so is the brunch. Located in Brockton Village, the restaurant is hangover friendly with brunch available until 3 p.m. Signature cocktails and coffee are on tap.

Karelia Kitchen, (1194 Bloor St W)
The market-fresh Scandinavian cafe in Bloordale offers a different menu than the typical eggs and toast brunch. Try them for blueberry griddlecakes, duck scramble and potato pancakes.

3 Speed, (1163 Bloor St W)
If you’re craving a plate of baked eggs inside a chicken, rosemary apple scones or a frittata with smoked cheddar, head out to this Bloordale restaurant.

Rustic Owl, (993 Bloor St. W)
This restaurant near Dovercourt is exactly what it sounds like – a rustic and artsy cafe for those craving a BLT and a curated latte frothed into a flower.

Saving Gigi, (859 Bloor St W)
Located in Bickford Park, the independent restaurant has a friendly vibe and kid-friendly menu. Check it out in the evenings for live music too.

White Brick Kitchen(641 Bloor St W)
It’s classic American breakfast at this newish restaurant in Koreatown. Serving up eclectic Sunday brunch like “the Benny” and sugary sweet french toast.

Insomnia(563 Bloor St W)
Like its name, Insomnia is the restaurant that never sleeps. It’s always packed with hungry diners and a line-up out the door. Best known for its large breakfast of eggs, ketchup-drenched potatoes and baked pancakes (be patient. Those pancakes take 30 minutes to cook). Stroller parking is limited in this packed restaurant.

By the Way Cafe, (400 Bloor St. W)
The longtime Mediterranean restaurant is always a favourite in the Annex. We’re hoping the restaurant will stay around, the building near Bloor and Brunswick Avenue was recently sold (with a listing price of $16-million).

L’Espresso Bar Mercurio, (321 Bloor St W)
The upscale cafe in the Annex serves up premium coffee, salads and panini. It’s fine dining and also student friendly for those nearby University of Toronto grads.

Over Easy, (208 Bloor St W)
A classic favourite near Yorkville, you can always count on this restaurant for a quick-serve plate of comfort food.


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