Alex Brott



Flipped a coin. Fell down the Real Estate Rabbit hole. This Alex in Wonderland, dropped out of University, moved to New York City, hustled in the fashion industry before moving back to Toronto to switch gears into Music. Did some cool stuff (product placement in music vids, tour / artist sponsorship) but eventually, felt stuck in part of an industry where I couldn’t mentally get to ‘what’s next'. One afternoon on the phone with my mother, I told her I thought I would re-enroll in University and become a teacher. She countered with ‘Orrrrr you could be an agent’. After realizing she meant ‘Real Estate’ and not ’travel’ I laughed it off and said ’absolutely not’. I couldn’t imagine anything ickier and/or slipperier than a real estate agent. But my mom reminded me of how passionate I was about the architecture portion of my art history classes. And that I was always pouring over design magazines. And that it would still be rewarding but also working for myself (She may have turned me around there to be honest). This 15 minute conversation ended with a dare to flip a coin and I’d go with whatever the outcome was. Heads = teacher and tails = agent. I flipped it and I remember how my stomach did a weird flop when I saw the antlers on that shiny quarter. But, a deal is a deal and I kept my word. Turns out, it wasn’t that bad and in fact, it was awesome. I discovered that being authentically myself made the job feel less ’sale-sy’ and more fun and more real. And somehow, I have spun this reluctant Realtor, into a gig that feels like it was actually made for me. The highs, the lows, the in betweens - it’s all a wild ride that I am proud to show up for every day.

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