Alex Brott



Flipped a coin. Fell down the Real Estate Rabbit hole. This Alex in Wonderland, dropped out of University, moved to New York City, hustled in the fashion industry before moving back to Toronto to switch gears into Music. Did some cool stuff (product placement in music vids, tour / artist sponsorship) but eventually, felt stuck in part of an industry where I couldn’t mentally get to ‘what’s next'. One afternoon on the phone with my mother, I told her I thought I would re-enroll in University and become a teacher. She countered with ‘Orrrrr you could be an agent’. After realizing she meant ‘Real Estate’ and not ’travel’ I laughed it off and said ’absolutely not’. I couldn’t imagine anything ickier and/or slipperier than a real estate agent. But my mom reminded me of how passionate I was about the architecture portion of my art history classes. And that I was always pouring over design magazines. And that it would still be rewarding but also working for myself (She may have turned me around there to be honest). This 15 minute conversation ended with a dare to flip a coin and I’d go with whatever the outcome was. Heads = teacher and tails = agent. I flipped it and I remember how my stomach did a weird flop when I saw the antlers on that shiny quarter. But, a deal is a deal and I kept my word. Turns out, it wasn’t that bad and in fact, it was awesome. I discovered that being authentically myself made the job feel less ’sale-sy’ and more fun and more real. And somehow, I have spun this reluctant Realtor, into a gig that feels like it was actually made for me. The highs, the lows, the in betweens - it’s all a wild ride that I am proud to show up for every day.


“We reached out to Alex to help us sell our condo and find our first home after following her account on IG for some time. We appreciated how she staged all her homes - the furniture and photography always looked tasteful and contemporary. After finding an amazing home that Alex helped us secure for under asking, we were in a time crunch to sell our condo. Her team did a great job with making our place look amazing, along with producing a printed brochure that had all the information about our place presented perfectly. We were ultimately able to get way more than we had hoped for our condo and used this money to put towards a sizeable downpayment for our new place. We would definitely recommend Alex - great taste, knows the market and the clients, moves quickly and works with a talented team of people.”

Clea Forkert

“Alex is probably one of the best people I have ever met. Working with her to find not only one dream home but now two (from our first condo to our first house) has been a dream. She listens, she never pressures, she answers all questions (with such deep knowledge, honesty, patience and kindness), she goes up & beyond and she makes the whole experience something you look back fondly. Alex is such a professional who I deeply admire for the work & dedication she puts into her company. She puts the "cool" in real estate, and the bad ass in buying and selling. I've recommended her to all my friends who are looking at buying & selling their home, and I will continue to do that forever & ever because I know by doing this, all the people I care about will find the most perfect home for them because Alex is literally the best in her field (and her whole team!!).  I could go on and on. Just call her, set up an appointment, and trust you'll be in the best hands possible.”

Scarlet & Anthony Carone

“Alex is spectacular. She really gets how buying and selling real estate has transformed - that a great realtor needs to be a great marketer, a great listener, a great detective, and a great networker. She’s all of those things. She’s both sourced and sold houses for us, and we wouldn’t dream of working with anyone else.”

Max Valiquette and Alison Lawler-Dean

“It doesn’t get better than Alex. She’s smart, knowledgeable about the market, a good negotiator and very dedicated to her clients. We felt in good hands throughout the process.”

David Shiller

“We interviewed a few agents before selecting Alex Brott to sell our condo. She has a proven system to sell your home, and her staging and marketing is unparalleled. If you want to get top dollar for your home and have a pleasurable stress free experience I highly recommend giving her a call.”

Ely Benzaquen

“I am finally in my new pad! As I gaze around, still in shock that I have found my dream home, I want to thank the BOSS lady that made it all happen. Alex Brott and her team are textbook perfection. From the search to the offer, staging to listing -- and of course, buying to selling, Brott & Co. not only made 'finding home' easy, they made it enjoyable! A personal touch and professional savvy that surpassed expectation at every turn. Alex, you are simply the best.”

Cara V

“I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for us! You made the process so much less stressful (even despite our bad luck)! It was such a pleasure to work with you and most of all to get to know you!!! I have already sung your praises to all my friends…..the best agent ever!! Thanks again Alex!! Hope to see you around the ‘hood when we come back to visit Toronto!!!”

Nicole V

“I’m sitting out on the front porch enjoying the sound of raindrops and gulping in the fresh air. This is the first time in seven years that I’ve lived anywhere with outdoor space. We’re putting in the grass this week (you knowhow I love grass) so bub can run around, but he’s already enjoying getting mucky in the yard. Thanks for going the extra mile to stake out this place. you’ve really made our dreams come true! xoo”

Mia MacDonalds

“Alex and her team made the complex and intimidating task of selling our first home much easier than we thought it would be. We found her to be knowledgeable, personable, and always professional. Her candidness and sense of humour was much appreciated and it made the overall process not only stress-free, but fun too. With her hard work and knowledge of the market, the results of the sale went far beyond our expectations. We have no hesitation recommending her services to all our friends. Many thanks to Alex and the whole team, you guys rock!”

Chris and Genny

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