I was born in Montreal, raised in the Gatineau Hills, and after a childhood visit to Toronto, was determined to come back. I moved here to go to school and this great city has been home ever since. Before embarking on my real estate career, I worked in fashion merchandising, publishing sales and marketing, and food marketing.



Dorothy is a treat to work with. I’ve bought and sold four homes with her over the past decade. I like moving a lot, and Dorothy’s special brand of TLC and expert knowledge has made each of these moves fun and successful. Her intuitive savvy ensures that I land in the right place for me every time. I’ve given a lot of thought to what makes Dorothy such a remarkable real estate agent. Most importantly she clearly loves matching people with their perfect homes. She is calm and upbeat, with a multifaceted grasp of the complexities involved in each transaction and a cool-headed ability to devise innovative solutions that meet the needs of all parties. Numerous friends and colleagues I’ve sent her way have praised the same qualities. I can highly recommend Dorothy to anyone looking for a sterling standard of real estate support!
-M. Lovewell, Toronto

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dorothy to buy my condo. Her expertise, contacts, patience and knowledge at every step of the way from mortgage approval, to viewing properties, making an offer, closing, and finally post-purchase renovation recommendations was invaluable. She is a keen listener who responds to concerns quickly and professionally. Her calm, positive attitude was just the right balance to support and guide me through the complex process of finding and purchasing the right property.
-K. Zavitz, Toronto

Two years ago my husband and I faced the daunting task of relocating from Vancouver to Toronto and finding the perfect home that would close within 90 days of our arrival. Easy, right? Dorothy Salusbury came to us highly recommended and so we handed our little challenge over to her. We appreciated her ability to carefully listen to what was being said, as well as what wasn’t, and to turn our dreams into tangible options. She provided sound counsel, respected our requests (however unreasonable) and never tried to push unsuitable or unaffordable options on us. In the end Dorothy led us to a property that said “I’m home” from the first moment we walked through the door. Thank you Dorothy!
-K. Hadden