Yorkville was founded by the same man who founded the Rosedale neighbourhood; Sheriff William Bostford Jarvis in the 1830’s. Yorkville was named after the Town of York, Toronto’s former name. It was incorporated as a village in Toronto in 1883, the first village of Toronto. In the 1960’s, Yorkville was known as a “hippie haven.”


Yorkville attracts people from all over Toronto, and many outside tourists, as it is one of Canada’s best shopping districts. It has many fashion boutiques, jewellery stores and art galleries, as well as high-end restaurants and cafes. One can sit on a patio and watch the wide array of people pass by.

Yorkville has a mini park in the centre of the area, with a giant rock in the middle, which represents Canadian landscape, and is 1 billion years old. There is also Ramsden Park which has tennis courts, an ice rink, a wading pool, and a playground. As well, there is Yorkville Public Library, which puts on many programs for all ages. There is also the famous ROM- Royal Ontario Museum located in the area.


Jesse Ketchum Junior and Senior Public School
Msgr. Fraser College- Apple Secondary
Blyth Academy
Rosedale Day School
McDonald International Academy
George Brown- The Yorkville School of Makeup and Esthetics


Marlborough Avenue to the north
Yonge Street to the east
Bloor Street to the south
Avenue Road to the west

Photos from Yorkville:


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