Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Finding your new home

One does not decide that now is the time to buy a house and then find it that very afternoon. It just doesn’t tend to happen that way. Acquiring the perfect home is a process.

This guide is about understanding that process and placing oneself in the most favourable position possible to attain your goal of home ownership.

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Some of what you will learn

How to Get Started

To the uninitiated, the process of buying a home may appear to be relatively straightforward, however there are dozens of variables and pitfalls to avoid in any transaction that can make home buying quite complex.

Choosing a Sage Realtor

Choosing the right advisor to guide you through a transaction is important because their counsel and direction illuminate the pathway to home ownership. Home buyers should give just as much consideration to hiring a buyer’s representative as sellers give to hiring a listing Realtor.

The ABC’s of Making an Offer

When you find a home you absolutely love, someone else may love it too. It’s important to act quickly and make a solid offer based on a rational approach to pricing and negotiating that you and your Realtor have discussed.

Completion of the Transaction

Your Sage Realtor will work closely with you and your lawyer to make sure everything is in place for a smooth and efficient closing.

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Every day, in neighbourhoods throughout Toronto, we help clients acquire the home of their dreams.

By working with a Sage Real Estate Realtor who understands just what ‘perfect’ means to you, we strive to find your perfect home and help you buy it.

Welcome, and let the process begin.