About the Neighbourhood

Cabbagetown is Toronto’s version of New York’s Greenwich Village or London’s Soho without the frenzy. There are several restaurants and bars on nearby Parliament and Carlton but people choose to live here because of their appreciation for historic houses, peaceful walking streets and interesting neighbours. The financial district is less than a mile west via bus, subway, or on foot. The most surprising sight in Cabbagetown is the working farm in the middle of the large park, which is truly the hub of this community. Riverdale Farm (not to be confused with the Riverdale areas to the east) raises pigs, sheep, goats, chickens and several cows! On Tuesdays the bread ovens are fired up and a baker from the Danforth, with several Cabbagetown volunteers, creates the most succulent red fife loaves imaginable! Friends of the Farm have organized an organic market during the growing seasons where farmers truck in their vegetables several days a week.