The Merging of Blogs and Websites

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Static websites are starting to prove less effective at generating maximum traffic and leads. A major trend we are seeing out of the States is that top agents are constructing their websites on a blogging platform and integrate the blog right on the homepage. Really what it is is a blog with some traditional website functionality wrapped around it. There are many reason for this trend, one is that Google loves dynamic websites with lots of good fresh content. It is easier to position a dynamic website with fresh content high in the search results then a static website that is hardly ever updated. Another reason is that blogging provides the agent an opportunity to position them selves as an ‘expert’ in a particular niche and it also allows them to give demonstrate their personality. Don’t forget, people like to work with people who they like and who share similar interests. Let your personality, interests, and expertise shine through your blog. Blogging will give your brand a personality, it is much harder to do that through static web content.  Take a peek at these neatly carved-out positions that we see out of the States:

This American real estate agent’s blog that has been directed at women buyers:

This agent who focuses on modern homes:

In both of these cases they have used the blog as the hub of their content and they have pulled that through to a Facebook business page where they have been able to create a community built around their niche.

Topics to consider if you are a virgin blogger and want to jump in:

1)       Think about 10 questions you get asked regularly. Post the question along with your response. If you cant think of 10 questions look through your email sent folder it should be a goldmine.

2)      When TREB releases their stats don’t just post a link to the stats interpret them. Tell your readers what it is that you find interesting about the stats.

3)      If you have a neighbourhood of focus then blog about what is going on in the neighbourhood


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