The Importance of Social Media in Real Estate: Take Advantage Now

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It is no longer ‘word’ of mouth, it’s ‘world’ of mouth.  The world of mouth is now far reaching.  Whatever you say goes around the world.  Whatever someone else says goes around the world.

Social media is reaching more and more and more people.  Beware, and rejoice.  There is opportunity to score big on the world of mouth phenomenon.  One bad comment, however, can crash and burn the incautious. If Facebook were a country it would be the 3rd largest country in the world with over 550 million users. There are more than 17 million Canadians on Facebook, 6.4 million in the 35-65+ age group. Still think your clients aren’t on there?

Even though social media is being used more and more effectively, and with more popularity, in the real estate business, it is still in its infancy here in Canada.  The trend is that early adopters are securing places of prominence in social media.  Those utilizing social media are members of an ever-increasing group.  Get in now, secure your spot, get known from the beginning.  The agents who do this now will be far better positioned than those jumping in after everyone else.

Social media and Facebook in particular can provide an incredible avenue to stay in touch with your sphere of influence and grow your business. The power is not just in prospecting but harvesting your existing network of clients and friends. Set up a profile and add your friends and past clients. Spend 10 minutes a day going on and engaging with your sphere of influence by just commenting on what they are posting. Social media is wonderful because you do not have to talk business to stay top of mind with you past clients, you see what they are talking about or posting on their wall and just comment on it. Never before has it been this easy to engage with your network and stay top of mind.

OBSERVATION: Exploit it now while you can.  Opportunity is knocking now.  Don’t wait.


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