Sage Real Estate launches its ‘Elvis Presley Awesomeness Award’

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Any Sage Agent who displays awesomeness in his/her Real Estate business can be nominated for this most coveted award.

catherine elder

Presented, perhaps monthly, it will go to a most deserving candidate who will receive their choice of either:

1) A genuine Elvis Presley replica drinking glass, or

2) An I’m Awesome coffee mug. 

Catherine Elder went for the mug.

Genuine awesomeness was displayed in how Catherine handled a recent Seller client.

The Seller listed her property due to financial necessity.  Catherine diligently worked on her behalf to prepare and market the property. When the client’s financial necessity was expectantly removed, the home no longer had to be sold.  It came off the market. Instead of resenting losing the listing after having put in a significant amount of time and energy in its sale , Catherine took a bottle of champagne to the Seller to celebrate her not having to sell the house she loved.

Truly awesome.

Proud of you, Catherine.

Terrific first recipient. Catherine Elder.



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