facebook business page

What is a Facebook Business Page?

Facebook business pages are where your business belongs on Facebook. Business pages are very similar in concept to your personal profile. Your business page is essentially your business’s equivalent to your Facebook personal profile. In fact, as a result of some recent changes Facebook introduced, this is even moreso the case. To read about those changes, check out Facebook Business Pages Just Got a Whole Lot Better.

You need to be strategic and make sure that the business page you build and nurture is going to help you achieve your overall business goals. A good business page should be an information resource that focuses on your niche, community, or passion: not on yourself! You want to provide valuable, bite-size content. Value is the key.  In a perfect world, the topic of your business page would be closely aligned to the topic of your blog. (You do have a blog, right?). But it doesn’t always have to be original content that you post on your page – you can act as a curator for useful info that relates to your niche. So feel free to share videos or links to blog posts that you have read if you think  your community would find them interesting.

You want to educate through your business page – not advertise. Use it as a way to demonstrate your expertise and give people a reason to say thank you. If you don’t give people a reason to say thank you, you aren’t giving them a reason to hire you. That is what it is all about, according to Gary Vaynerchuck of “Crush It” fame, who has dubbed this ‘The Thank You Economy’.

  • Gary Vaynerchuk has just recently launched his latest book “The Thank You Economy”. Gary used his passion to turn a small family wine store in New Jersey into a $60 million+ per year online wine distributor.
  • If you haven’t read it yet, stop reading now and go out and buy “Crush It” and “The Thank You Economy” – they are great guides to matching digital marketing with any business. Very relevant to real estate.

The content should also be engaging and include calls to action to engage. You want them to click ‘like’ or leave a comment, because when they do that, a notice goes out to their entire network that they have engaged with that piece of content. This is how you increase your sphere of influence. When people do comment, engage with them. Try to keep the engagement going by commenting on their comment and then ask them a question. This activity goes a long way towards improving your Facebook optimization, an advanced topic which I will get into more in the future. In a nutshell, the better optimized your page is, the more newsfeeds you will get included in. The more newsfeeds you get included in, the greater your sphere of influence.

Please, please, please don’t just bombard your business page community with info about your latest listing or open house. I hate to be the one to tell you, but 99% of them don’t care and if you abuse them they will either ‘unlike’ your page or hide your page from their news feed. If you feel it is an absolute must, then try and stick to the 90/10 rule: post nine good useful wall posts for every one listing/open house notice.

Here are a couple of examples of good business pages:

You set up your business page through your personal profile, but for all intents and purposes it is completely segregated from your personal profile. I will do a separate post walking you through step by step on how to set up a page.