facebook tags

Tagging Your Way to Better Engagement on Facebook

Tagging is a feature in Facebook which, when used properly, will allow you to further engage the people and business pages in your network – and get exposure to their networks. There are many different types of tagging used in Facebook; the one we are all familiar with is tagging people in photos and videos. But now you can also tag people in your status updates and wall posts.

When you tag a person or business page, they receive a notification that they have been tagged. In this way, you are directly engaging with them. As well, the relevant content is also posted on their wall, and this allows you to engage with their network at the same time. You do have to be careful to not overuse this feature and be sure that when you do tag someone that the info or content you are tagging them in is relevant to that person. One shortcoming to tagging is that you can not tag people in comments, but hopefully Facebook will change this some time soon.

Step 1 To “tag” people or business pages in a status update or wall post, you simply type “@”, then the person’s name or the name of the business page; as you type, a list of contacts will appear

Step 2 Select the person, business page, or event from the drop-down menu