facebook business page

Step By Step Guide to Setting Up A Facebook Business Page

It is easy to create a Facebook business page; the tricky part is maintaining it. Outlined below are the 14 steps to create a business page.  If you are not familiar with business pages I suggest you read my post What is a Facebook Business Page? and Facebook Business Pages Just Got a Whole Lot Better.

Step 1 – Go www.facebook.com/pages (if you are not already signed into Facebook, sign in and then go to facebook.com/pages)

Step 2 – Click on ‘Create Page’ in the top right corner of the page.

Step 3 – Select your page type. I would suggest ‘Local Business or Place’ – this can always be changed at a later date.

Step 4 – Select ‘Real Estate’ from the drop-down menu and fill out the other details. Do be aware the ‘Business or Place’ you enter will be the name of your page. This can be changed later as long as you have fewer than 100 ‘Likes’. Do not name it after yourself; focus on the content that you will be delivering through this page.

Step 5 – Click on ‘Get Started’

Step 6 – Upload your logo for the page. Try to stay away from using your photo. This page should be all about the content, not ego marketing.

Step 7 – Ignore all of these elements; you do not want to start promoting you page until you have it fully built and loaded with good quality content.

Step 8 – Click ‘Update Category’. If you want to change your category to read ‘Websites and Blogs’ and ‘Reference’ you can do so at this point. This is a good option if you are aligning your business page to your blog.

Step 9 – Click on ‘Edit Info’

Step 10 – You can also change your page category here if you want. If you are aligning your Page to your blog then you may want to change the category to  ‘Websites and Blogs’ and ‘Reference’.

Step 11 – Once you get to 25 ‘Likes’ you can set your user name so that the URL of your page reflects the name of your page – i.e. www.facebook.com/sagerealestate

Step 13 – Fill out the rest of the information.

Step 14 – Your page is now created. Next, you want to start adding content. It is important to add at least 5-10 good solid posts before you start promoting your page. When you start your promotion, you want enough content to engage the people you are driving there and to give them a sense of the quality of the info they will get if they ‘Like’ your page.

This was a tutorial to walk through the basic set up of a business page. There are many other tips and tricks to creating a more advanced business page; we will get into those in later posts.