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Prospecting Goldmine – Facebook Search Trick

The search bar at the top of the page can be a great prospecting tool if used correctly Among other functions it gives you the ability to search for keywords used in either your network’s wall posts or in the wall posts of anyone on Facebook.

Step 1 In the search bar enter “Moving to Toronto” or “Buying a home in Toronto”. If you put your search term in quotation marks (“ ”) you will get specific results (i.e. posts containing that exact phrase), whereas if you do not use quotation marks, the search will return posts containing all the words your entered.

Step 2 When the search results are returned, click on “Posts by Everyone” in the left-hand column.

Step 3 Scan the results to identify someone who seems like they might be a good prospect.

Step 4 Click on “Send Message” in the top right corner.

Step 5 You now can send a direct message to people who have openly stated that they are moving to Toronto; the assumption is that they will need some help finding a place!

You’ll want to add value through the message that you send. Don’t just add these people as a friend; that may look creepy. Try something like:

Subject line: Toronto is a great city

Body of message: If you are interested in x (i.e. find something on their profile that will engage them), you should really think about checking out Little Italy/St. Lawrence Market. Here is a great profile on the

neighbourhood <insert link to the neighbourhood profile that is on your website>.

The best and easiest way to open the dialogue is to send them something that will make them say thank you!