FREE Must-Have Apps for Real Estate Agent Safety

After the death this year of an agent in Arkansas, safety was a big topic at the American National Association of Realtors conference I just attended. Beyond common sense and basic safety precautions there are now some incredible Apps available that will go a long way to ensure Agent Safety when showing houses and meeting new clients.

Check them out. bSafe has some amazing features. And, they are free.

I have loaded up all three and they seem to work here in Canada but I haven’t really used them so there might well be some restrictions.

Worth trying I should think and I would welcome some feedback on these or other available apps that may be appropriate for our industry.

Please employ the caution suggested in the name of the third app – Be Safe ! Alway listen to that little voice inside you.


Glympse, accesses your phone’s real time gps tracking feature so that you can share your tour of showings , or any other route for that matter, with someone else. That person will know exactly where you are each moment of your tour.

Circle of 6

Circle of 6 connects you with six of your buddies. Initially designed for college students, should one feel threatened at any time you click one icon on the App and each of your pre-programed buddies are asked to either drive to your assistance, call or text you. Designed to prevent violence before it happens.


Be Safe is probably the best safety app for Agents I saw. If you are experiencing a problem, it allows you to send an alarm to your pre-programed friends. It has the GPS tracker to let your friends, (office, partner) know where you are. It will make a fake call to you, pre-set or when requested. It has a siren that can go off to deter. It can even record video, voice of what is happening around you while broadcasting your location. Amazing.

Would really like some feedback from you on how well you find this app works.