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Date Night @iZone: The Anatomy of a Real Estate Lifestyle Photo Shoot | Part 1 of 3


Lifestyle marketing is all about getting into the mind of the buyer in order to understand what is motivating their purchasing decision. Once you understand their motivation, you need to figure out how to translate that understanding into marketing that will resonate with that target market. It’s important to realize that it isn’t always about sex. Many of the examples used in lifestyle marketing revolve around that theme but not all purchasing decisions arise from a carnal level. So it isn’t always about using a sexy half-naked model in bed…despite the fact that that is what we used in our campaign.

Video is a phenomenal tool for conveying lifestyle. The only problem is that video is expensive. Depending on which vendor you choose, you are looking at between two and four thousand dollars. This isn’t outrageous if it is a million-plus listing, but what about those smaller listings, those places that are in the $350K range? You simply cannot justify spending $3K when your commission is only $9K.

This was the exact situation in which we recently found ourselves. We wanted to leverage lifestyle marketing for a hard loft but couldn’t justify the expense of doing a video.

So we decided to take a different tack. We decided to use still photography instead. And with that, the concept of the Lifestyle Photo Shoot was born. We dubbed it ‘Date Night at iZone’

In the next two posts we will walk you through step by step what we did to bring this shoot through to fruition.