How to Check Your Listings Activity

I don’t know about your clients but I can tell you that our clients love it when we provide them with reports outlining the success of our marketing activity.

One of our highest trafficked marketing tools is I was chatting with an agent the other day and just mentioned off the cuff about being able to report on how much activity our listings have gotten on and they looked at me with surprise. “You can do that?” I then mentioned it to some other agents and it seemed that only about 1 in 10 agents knew that we had that information at our fingertips. So I thought I would throw together this quick tutorial on how to pull that information.

Step 1: log into

Step 1


Step 2: Click on search properties

Step 2


Step 3: Enter the url I am sure there are other ways to get to this website but I find using the url is the easiest. But do know that in order for the url to work you need to be in the search properties section.

Step 3


Step 4: Click on my listings

Step 4


Step 5: Find the listing that you want the report on and click on report.

Step 5


Step 6: Review the data. Outlined is all of the viewing activity on and any of the third party destination sites you send you listings to through DDF.

Step 6