Agent Branding and the Role of the Brokerage


Toronto has one of the most competitive real estate landscapes in North America. I don’t think this comes as a surprise to the agents who follow this blog. In such a hypercompetitive market, an agent needs to stand out from the crowd, and strong, distinctive, well-executed personal branding is one excellent way to accomplish that.

It is a brokerage’s job to help their agents do this right, not just meld them with the brokerage’s own brand. We don’t believe in forcing everybody into a green box. What we believe in is working hand-in-hand with agents to figure out where they want to take their business and the branding that will help them get it there, and then using our team of designers and marketers to help execute that plan at the highest level, ensuring consistency at all touchpointsScreen Shot 2013-05-16 at 1.42.55 PM

Have you ever heard the saying ‘You are judged by the company you keep’? I think that is how a brokerage needs to approach its agents’ branding. A brokerage’s brand is nothing if not strengthened by having agents who have strong individual brands that mean something to their target market.

Here are some samples of agent brands we have developed: Sage Agent’s Branding Samples

Great design is a must these days. Apple is as much a marketing firm as it is a technology company. Consumers just expect it. Real estate loves to lag behind other industries and I think the area of design is no exception – and therein lies the opportunity. There is a low bar for agents to step over in order to distinguish themselves from the competition. Just think about the last time an agent’s flyer came through your front door. Did their branding and the level of design of the piece impress you or did it make you cringe? Living in a condo I get them all the time. I am tempted to start a Pinterest board to show off what not to do.

Don’t get me wrong: I believe a brokerage needs to have a strong brand that speaks to the general market. And yes, there needs to be consistency between an agent’s brand and their brokerage’s brand. But I think consistency doesn’t necessarily have to mean that the agent’s branding has to be identical to that of the brokerage. I believe the consistency needs to be in the quality of design and the execution.