27 Brock Ave. Suite 209

Authentic, and modern… Spacious, and affordable… A loft for your heart, and your head.

The Brock Lofts. The original building was thoughtfully converted into less than two dozen individual loft spaces. This loft is one of the larger units, at around 1,000 square feet. The open ceilings are about 15 feet high. There is about 60 linear feet of exposed brick wall in the unit. Two massive windows overlook the living area, and a large skylight (with hinged baffle) floods natural light into the rear of the unit.

The finishes are high quality, yet understated. The maple hardwood flooring harmonizes with the warm tones of the brick walls and ceiling joists. The kitchen cabinets and movable island unit are also finished in solid maple. An extra upper level of kitchen storage ensures you don’t run out of space.

The bathroom design tastefully combines tones of maple, slate and stainless steel. The bathroom and kitchen finishes get an extra boost from the halogen fixtures.

The building’s treetop-level deck offers a fenced, open-air entertaining space with BBQ (and patio furniture in the warmer months). The deck can be accessed via the black stairs in the second-floor hallway.

Best of both worlds. The heating, air conditioning and hot water tank are all located in the unit, but your utilities are all included in the monthly maintenance fee.