Tracy is the leader of THE NURSALL GROUP and has been in the real estate industry for over 24 years. THE NURSALL GROUP can get what you are looking for with her vast experience at selling and buying properties and also designing homes.

Tracy and her team build unique, client specific campaigns to highlight individual strengths and competitively position your property in the market to get you desire. Her team includes an award winning property stylist and highly published architectural and interiors photographer, Larry Arnal of

With her infectious energy and enthusiasm, coupled with her dry Scottish sense of humour, things get moving quickly and with great fun. Honesty is her nature and directness is her approach- something both sellers and buyers come to seriously value and appreciate.

No “sale-sy mumbo-jumbo” or wishy washy advice, but rather real advice to help you get what you want. Her team will deliver clear reports to demonstrate how hard they are working on your behalf and that keeps clients coming back time after time. Clients know they can rely on THE NURSALL GROUP to be honest with them so they don’t waste time having to backtrack. As an example, they only had 1 listing expire in 24 years.

Tracy possesses a warm and genuine approach and is focused on raising the bar in real estate by helping people navigate through this process well. Honesty is the glue that binds the team. It’s a new team model, one that most are not use to.