Nick & Hilary:

We work as a team! This is more fun for us and for our clients. Why? Odds are one of us is always available for you which means we can provide a higher level of service. It means we can take advantage of our individual strengths and skill sets. It allows us to strategize and quickly analyze all available options. And, when you need an extra person to see how many people can actually fit in that tiny kitchen, we are all set.

Together we help our clients with everything from renting a bachelor apartment, buying their first home, purchasing a multi unit investment property and listing fancy spantzy homes.

Want more? We take pride in producing high quality, cutting edge marketing material. Innovated listing trailers, inspired photography and designer feature sheets set us apart from the competition. We are a resource to our clients and have embraced modern ways to share information. We blog regularly about market conditions, tips and tricks for buyers and sellers, and our experiences.

In August 2013, we opened up an extremely cool branch office of Sage Real Estate at 538 Parliament Street in Cabbagetown. Not to be confused with a traditional real estate office space, we’ve taken a pass on formal desks, reception, and cubicles. Instead it’s just a welcoming open-concept space for us to meet with people and talk about real estate. Plus we are the only ones who work there so there is no question who you are actually dealing with when you walk in the door.