I’m Melanie (a.k.a Mel) and I’m one of the founding members of the BREL team. I think our tag line kinda says it all: No BS, no fridge magnets, no broken promises.

I pride myself on being honest with my clients (even if what I have to say isn’t what they want to hear). I’m a digital marketing geek and am virtually paperless. I work hard to be the agent my clients deserve.

I work primarily with professionals who want to live in cool spaces in vibrant neighbourhoods, so I usually end up in Little Italy, Queen West, the Junction, Roncesvalles, Bloordale, Little Portugal, Leslieville or Riverdale. Most of my clients work in creative or technology-driven fields and appreciate great style and locations.



When I decided to take that initial step to becoming a first-time seller, it brought about a surprising level of uncertainty—in part from my realization that this was going to be a very different experience than being a first-time buyer. However, upon meeting with Brendan and Melanie, any and all anxiety I felt about the decision soon went away. I can’t speak enough about their ability to clearly communicate answers (to even the most basic questions!!) and in their guidance of the pros and cons involved in navigating the jungle that is the Toronto real estate market. Their confidence is infectious and, unlike with other realtors in the city, is firmly rooted in experience and devotion in all of the things they do.

In every respect, I vouch for all of the niceties their clients have already written about them, and I am glad to call myself a part of that bunch. They somehow made a stressful situation (dare I say it…) a fun one. Outrageous, I know! Brendan and Mel provide their undivided attention day and night; being informed every step of the way is just about all you can ask for when making decisions about your home.

If you’re looking for that perfect balance between knowledge, expertise and likability, consider yourself lucky to have found Brendan and Melanie’s site and look no further. The intangibles mentioned here and elsewhere are priceless, and absolutely no one in the city will work harder to make sure you’re a happy homeowner.

-Jerome V.

Overwhelmed. Terrified. Uninformed. Naive. Delusional.

We fit the general profile of first time home buyers in Toronto. At the beginning, we thought to ourselves, like everyone with access to Google, “How hard could it be?”
You look up a neighbourhood. Find a house you like. Play hard ball and negotiate down to a steal of a price. A month later, you waltz into your dream home… what could possibly go wrong? Well, if you are reading this blog, you know this is scenario is as based in fact as Rob Ford’s diet plan.

Enter Melanie and Brendan. Now, there are more real estate agents than potholes in Toronto, so why them?
• They get results: most agents make 3 or fewer deals a year. These two call that “Wednesday”. They get things done. You can look it up.
• It’s not called Show Friends it’s called Show Business: If there is a property out there, they will know about it, the history, past pricing, the neighbourhood trends, future projections and why the other agent was asked to leave community college.
• No sunshine and unicorns: remember when your friends told you how good you looked in those acid wash jeans and headband, and that your interpretive dance / philosophy degree was a great idea? Not here. Melanie and Brendan listen to what you are looking for and find you that property at the price point you are at. No dreamy trips to the impossible and no up-selling.
• They simply work harder: When Melanie’s name comes up on your phone in the middle of the day, it is because she has found a real possibility. When Brendan walks through the house for the first time and says a price, he knows it. And in the blur of bidding, when emotions costs thousands of dollars and you need the best pros in town pitching your offer, they are the choice.
• Beyond the sale: they assisted with every aspect of the sale, finding us a great interest rate, insurance and lawyer. You have no idea how much of a help this was!

Too good to be true? Don’t believe me? Well, you are welcome to drop by our little dream house they got for us and ask us anytime. I can say with all honesty, we would not have it without them.

And now they are friends of ours.

Yeah, they are that good…

-Kelly & Annette M.

Not only were Mel and Brendan exactly what we needed in experienced realtors but their unique dynamic (as a couple themselves) really helped us see things from many angles. They were not the stiff realtors we had dealt with in the past, their style matched ours. They not only knew their sh*t, but they went above and beyond to fully prepare us for the road ahead. In the end we did find our dream house and as promised, they didn’t vanish into thin air at closing….which is great, because not only are they amazing realtors, we now consider them good friends too.

-Nicole E. & Jason G.


Brendan Powell and Melanie Piche–aka Brel–are by far the best real estate team we have ever had the pleasure of working with. These two really understood our needs, because unlike some agents I’ve dealt with, they listened. They didn’t waste our time showing us properties that didn’t meet most of, if not all of our criteria. Which probably explains why we found the home of our dreams during our first night out looking at properties–the third one in fact! Brel also made the negotiation and closing processes simple and stress-free. I’ve bought two homes before, and in both cases there were unpleasant financial surprises on closing that I was barely prepared to handle. Not so with Brendan and Mel. They gave us a realistic idea about what to expect for our closing costs. And as an added bonus, they’re great people to hang out with. In other words, we haven’t just gained a great real estate team; we’ve gained a couple of good friends.

-Tim T. & Sally L.

As first time home buyers the BREL team took our property virginities in the most gentle of ways. They were smart, knowledgeable and knew exactly what we were looking for in the bedroom, and all other rooms in the house. We’ll never be able to recreate the feeling of the first time, but we’re hoping that if we ever decide to sell the place we found in the future, we can at least try.

-Niall K. & Melissa J.

We loved working with this team! Jonathan and I wanted to take our time, to look for our special place in a pretty specific neighbourhood. Mel and Brendan took the time to get to know us and our tastes and suggested only those listings they thought we’d be very interested in. Because of this, we were able to find an amazing home after only our 2nd day of viewings. They worked very hard, and went above and beyond when it was time to make an offer and secure our place. They’re extremely knowledgeable about Toronto’s unique neighbourhoods, and about the buying process in general. Better yet, they are a really fun, down-to-earth, approachable couple that make the entire experience very enjoyable.

The best part, of course, is that we love our new home. It’s exactly where we want to be, and we literally found everything on our original wish list plus more.

To show our appreciation, we have since recommended them to many of our coworkers and friends who are looking to buy a new home or condo. Without a doubt, we will be looking to this team to help us with future deals.

-Rosalee & Jonathan H.

Brendan & Mel are a great team. If you are looking for the perfect place to call home – look no further.

We enjoyed our experience working with this fab team – Mel is a great strategist and negotiator. She also has a great sense of the market. She is able to walk through a home and predict what someone would be willing to pay for it – and she is almost always right! Brendan really understands the inner workings of a home – how they are built and how they function, what to be wary of and what features add value. He also has a great sense of “fit” where he can visualize the right house for you. Combined – this team is a powerhouse. They work really hard, communicate frequently, are service oriented, offer lots of flexibility, and go above and beyond what you’d expect of a “typical” Toronto Real Estate agent – they really invest in their clients.

We love our new place!! Many thanks to the Brel team for finding us the perfect place to call home!

-A & N

We have nothing but positive words to describe our experience working with BREL. From the beginning we could tell that they were down-to-earth, honest, and knowledgeable about the Toronto real estate market. Brendan and Melanie make a great team – they compliment each other well and it is nice to have two sets of skills and brains working with us. When we were ready to put in an offer, their guidance and killer negotiation skills were able to get us the place we want! We highly recommend this team, and will definitely work them again in the future.

-Johnny & Michael