From the moment that urban enthusiast and food/travel junkie Jessica Winslow learned about Fox Marin’s passionate approach to buying, selling and investing in Toronto Real Estate, she was hooked.

As the firm’s multi-talented Business Development Manager, Jessica delivers unparalleled service with every client interaction, and she works hard to keep her colleagues organized and working at top-notch efficiency. But get to know Jessica better, and you’ll learn that her positive, “go-getter” attitude doesn’t apply just to her work. Indeed, it shines through everything she does: from her sixteen years of Classical Ballet training, to her studies in Journalism, Business Communications, and Economics at Ryerson University and other institutions; from her tenure with a leading Architectural and Development firm located in Toronto’s downtown core, down to the travel bug that’s led her to explore some of the most beautiful cities throughout Western Europe, Scandinavia, and across the United States. (Jessica’s “Top 3” sights to date: the busy streets of Berlin; the mix of historical and contemporary architecture in Oslo; and the cliffside haven for sun, sand, food and fashion in Positano, Italy.)

Jessica also volunteers for the Women in Leadership organization otherwise known as WIL. Jessica joined WIL to apply her skills in strategic planning, organization, and public speaking to help foster personal development and imbue leadership skills and motivation into the women of her community.

When she’s not building budgets, developing marketing plans, or keeping clients updated on the latest industry trends, you can find Jessica exceeding expectations in the kitchen-creating her own recipes and mastering new Pinterest ones, revisitng her chilhood passions in the ballet studio, or geeking out on the latest dynamic Architecture in and around the City.