Trust your gut. That’s an instinct Jen personally believes in and one she tries to instill in her clients. Your guy is your intuition and it will dictate what you’re feeling and, ultimately, where you should go. Trusting it has served Jen well when navigating clients through the sometimes complicated nuances of the real estate world.

That said, Jen is a realist, too. Trust that she’s analyzed the market conditions inside out and right side up to ensure her clients are protected in every transaction. Her mantra has always been to be rational, direct and focused but also honest and sincere.

First and foremost this is a people business. Jen’s success comes from client referrals and repeat business. Enthusiastic, positive and authentic is often how her clients describe their experience with her, notwithstanding her equal ability to drive hard in negotiations (she’s one of 200 real estate agents in Canada with a Masters Certified Negotiation Expert designation) while also thinking outside of the box.

Jen escapes from the world of real estate by heading away to cottage country (she’s always open for an invitation!) and adding more stamps to her passport. As a Gemini, she’s often been known to blame her ‘Irresponsible Twin’ for all spontaneous activities.