I love the diversity of Toronto – this is an incredibly rich, vibrant city. I’m fascinated by tracing the history of neighbourhoods, how they have evolved and where they are headed.

I love working with people. It’s enormously rewarding to work in a field where you get to help clients and share your knowledge with each transaction, whether it’s buying or selling.

I like problem solving. My degree was in arts and literature, but I’ve always been a fan of economics, urban planning, and data analysis. In real estate, this translates into helping clients figure out what’s the best outcome for them. The trick (and this is not easy) is to harvest the data and use it to serve people’s intuitive needs and wishes.  I’m always learning, and discovering new ways to interpret information.

Joanne Pauli and I have been a husband-and-wife real estate team for over 20 years. A lot of our most successful and satisfying projects have been ones where the client brought us in early to discuss, advise, and help with the planning. This is true both for homes we’ve listed, and for finding a new home to buy. More thinking up front does produce a smarter and ultimately more rewarding transaction!