Hello! First of all, thanks for spending time checking us out. I know there’s lots of distractions out there (hello social media and hilarious dog videos) and I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to read what we’ve got to say.

I’m the team’s Chief of Awesomeness – that means that I spend my days making sure that we’re delivering the most awesome client experiences that we can, that we have the best client services out there and that we continue raising the bar when it comes to what people expect from their real estate experience. It’s a pretty kick-ass job if I do say so myself!

Prior to getting into real estate, I worked in public relations/advertising, where negotiation, people skills, a keen eye for detail and – last but not least – integrity were crucial to the success I achieved. I’ve been working with people long enough to know what keeps them coming back as clients – results, hard work and honesty. My goal is to make sure that all our clients – in every price point – get the same high level of service. Guaranteed.

I’m so blessed to have such an amazing, dedicated team who work tirelessly every day across Toronto and the GTA to make sure that we’re giving our clients a WOW experience. Thanks ladies!